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Weave (p. 86 )

1. Produced in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture.

2. Characteristics: A thick and strong striped pongee, also called "Ueda Jima(stripes)".

3. Uses: Clothing.

4. History: Origin is not clear but is said to have been woven since 300 years ago. Having reached its height in production during 1800 to 1840ユs, the fabric spread its market to Kyoto and Osaka. Due to its popularity, special express courier was established. The Ueda Tsumugi then was striped indigo, mostly with crossed stripes. Although it declined after the Meiji Era, production was revived after the WWII as a result of an effort by a man named Shoji Kanai. Spinning and weaving are mostly mechanized, producing varieties of stripes.