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Weave (p. 55 )

1. Produced in Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture.

2. Characteristics: One of highest quality "Tsumugi" (pongee) silk fabrics developed with the technique of Ojiya Chijimi. Light, comfortable, and free from wrinkles. Most of them are woven with raw threads as warp and メ Tsumugi Ito"(silk threads spun from waste cocoon) as weft. However, a few are woven with hand spun threads and dupion silk threads both as warp and as weft.

3. Uses: Garment.

4. History: " Tsumugi"was first woven by farmers as a side job in this district where "Echigo Jofu" and "Ojiya Chijimi" were woven from old days. After World War II, improvement was made on "Tsumugi" with the help of the traditional technique of "Ojiya Chijimi" and the modern "Ojiya Tsumugi" was born.