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1.Produced in Mitsuke City, Niigata Prefecture.

2. Characteristics: "Some Gasuri" dyed "Kasuri"( ikat) so delicately dyed as hard to discriminate from "Ori Gasuri" woven Kasuri. "Shiro Gasuri" ( Kasuri designs on white ground), is mainly produced.

3. Uses: Summer clothes.

4. History: Ushimatsu Yajima in Mitsuke City invented the Mangan (manganese ) Kasuri by applying manganese compound as dyes in the 1915. The technique was introduced to other districts and applied to silk fabrics also in the late Taisho to early Showa Eras. Due to reduced needs for summer clothes, however, only one factory is producing this fabric today.

Dyeing Method

The fabrics are woven with hemp or cotton threads which are dyed with manganese. They are printed with stencil patterns using aniline chlorite sizing. After drying , the patterns fabrics are dippped in a sodium sulfite liquid and only the patterns remain while all other parts become faded and " Kasuri" like.