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1. Produced in Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture.

2. Characteristics:Silk fabric dyed with plant dye, gentle and lustrous. Colors are black, light brown and grey.

Uses: "Hakama".

4. History: The origin was the Hakama fabric called "Kuzu"(Pueraria lobata fabric) woven about 250 years ago. "Gosen Hira" is said to be woven in Tenmei Era (1781-1789 ) after an improvement was made on the "Kuzu fabric" and "Sendai Hira". The improved technique was also applied to other fabrics, resulting in the production of such fabrics as" Ryumon " and "Nanako" in the Tenpo Era (1830-1844 ) and "Ro" " Yatsuhashi" and "Habutae" in the Meiji Era ( 1868-1912). Only one factory produces traditional "Gosen Hira"today.