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Weave (p. 69 )

1. Produced in Chiyokawamura, Ishigemachi Yukigun, Mitsukaido City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

2. Characteristics: Combined weave with cotton as weft and silk as warp. Slightly resembling "Yuki Tsumugi," the fabric is neat, light, a little like crepe, and does not get out of shape.

3. Uses: Clothing

4. History: Cotton fabrics were being woven since the Edo Period as cotton plantations and indigo were popular. The combined weaving was invented in the late Meiji Period and "Ishige Tsumugi," suitable for unlined clothing for summer was produced. Known to pair with "Yuki Tsumugi" in the market, the fabric enjoys a great demand as the cloth for outing and working clothes in early summer and early autumn.