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Weave (p. 66 )

1. Produced in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture.

2. Characteristics: Plain fabrics woven with pre-dyed silk threads, keeping the characteristics of silk. They are woven manually with various techniques using "Kasuri Ito"(ikat thread) ranging from simple splash patterns to more complicated splash patterns.

3. Uses: Clothing, bedding, cloth for "Tanzen"(quilted kimono coat), cushion cloths.

4. History: As a sericultural area, the farm women of Kiryu from olden days have been producing hand woven thick and strong fabrics. It was in the years from Kyoho to Bunsei(1716-1830) when the thick fabrics, woven with silk threads hand spun from waste cocoons were marketed and "Futo Ori" became popular. The Shima Ori(stripe weave) in which "Kasuri Ito" is used to give stripes on the cloth, was first produced in early Meiji Era and given the name of "Meisen"around 1880. Since then, with additional introduction of "Kasuri" techniques, Isesaki Meisen has been taking the lead in the Meisen industry.