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Weave (p. 74 )

1. Produced in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture.

2. Characteristics: Silk fabric regarded as the forerunner of "Meisen"(common silk fabric), practically used because of well fixed color and strong quality, also called"Oni Chichibu." The way it is woven is called"Hogushi Ori." First, a cloth is temporarily woven and patterns are dyed(printed). Then the weft is drawn out and replaced with other threads to be woven again. Thus, it gives a unique splash pattern.

3. Uses: Clothing,"Tanzen", bedding.

4. History: The silk produced in Chichibu was used as lining cloth from old days. When "Meisen" was woven in the Meiji Period, they were loved and used in many districts in Japan. However, use of the Chichibu Meisen declined in the Showa Era when the need for such practical fabrics decreased.