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Weave (p. 138 )

1. Produced in Haebarumachi Shimajirigun, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture.

2. Characteristics: Cotton fabric dyed in indigo with "Kasuri" design. Tough and resists fading. Designs are everyday articles, stars, clouds and birds all stylized. In Okinawa, "Ryukyu Gasuri" is understood as denoting all Kasuri fabric produced in Okinawa.

3. Uses: Clothing.

4. History: Regarding the origin of Kasuri weaving in Okinawa, some say that it came from the South(Indonesia and other countries) and others say it came from China. Anyway, Kasuri designs were woven in "Basho Fu"(banana tree fabric) in the 14th century and developed in various way in the climate and life style in Okinawa. After the Satsuma invasion, "Ryukyu Gasuri" was imported to Kyushu, in mainland Japan, eventually affecting many fabrics in Japan.