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Weave (p. 33 )

1. Produced in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido.

2. Characteristics: Kind of homespun woven with wool, silk and flax which are produced in Hokkaido. The textile is light and has a warm touch with the picturesque designs of nature in Hokkaido. The technique used is a hand woven brocade with raised designs.

3. Uses: "Obi"(sash), "haori(coat for kimono) coats, shawls, mufflers, neckties, pouches and mats.

4. History: The textile technique was on a high level in the Ainu culture and they produced knitted pouches, ropes and mats. After the loom was introduced "Atsushi Ori" became the main fabric for garments. Ohyo, which grew wild and abundantly in Hokkaido, is now hard to obtain and another plant called "Shinanoki"(Tilia japonica) similar to linden is used instead.