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1. Produced in Aizuwakamatsu City, Aizusakashitamachi Kawanuma gun, Shiokawamachi, Inawashiromachi Yamagun, Fukushima Prefecture.

2.Characteristics: A striped designed cotton fabric dyed with indigo, tough and absorbent.

3. Uses: Working clothes, everyday clothes and pouches.

4. History: Home woven cotton cloths have been made in this district since olden days.The Aizu Momen as merchandise started around 1643 when Masayuki Hoshina, Feudal Lord, encouraged wives and daughters of warriors to be engaged in weaving as side work. When spun threads were provided well in the middle of the Meiji Period, Aizu Momen became drastically popular in the market. The production reached its height in late Meiji and early Taisho Eras as the climate was favorable for indigo planting.